Ourglobalidea launch – Network Marketing All In One Business Model


We have launched to a Great Start!

We want to begin by thanking all of you for your support, patience and feedback, which has been very valuable to us


So let’s see what is new and what is coming..

We have a new website: http://www.ourglobalidea.com/
Our hope is that it can help you boost the value of the services and products you promote through OGI. Both our website and our member backoffices are now responsive and work easily from your smartphone or tablet

As you may have noticed we now have many different Lead Capture Pages for each OGI main program! The LCPs that have received the most positive feedback are also in the LCP Wizard: https://ourglobalidea.com/rep/webaddresses/generatelcpaddress

With the LCP Wizard you can customize your Sales Funnel!

We also have an awasome new pre-enrollee backoffice: https://(username).(OGIprogram).com/info2/
All our pre-enrollees are redirected to this when they use their email on the login page

You can now use one set of credentials for all OGI main programs. This means that you can login to OMS, Olympic Idea, My Online Coach and My Automated Webinar using the same username and password

My Automated Webinar has launched in it’s Beta form. The website is ready and live: http://www.myautomatedwebinar.com/
We are working on giving even more features and each day brings us closer to it’s official launch. My Automated Webinar is extremely easy to use, even by beginners, while also including amazing features that will satisfy even experienced pros

We also have new Loyalty Cards for Olympic Idea Silver members and Platinum and above. Just go to Resources and “Print Your Card” here: https://ourglobalidea.com/rep/users/viewcard

As we mentioned in December, Personal Ranks are now awarded for membership duration. An Active Member will be awarded the Silver Rank after 3 months of membership while an Active Member, Bronze or Silver with 12 months of membership will be awarded the Platinum Rank

On the issue of bug fixing, here are a few important updates:

– Member Sale Pages can now be clicked on directly from your backoffice (you no longer need to log out to use them): https://ourglobalidea.com/rep/webaddresses/siteaddress
Note that OlympicBiz Sale Pages will have the same functionality soon

– Enroller tree now displays inactive members also. This way you will have a better view of your entire team through this page: https://ourglobalidea.com/rep/geneologies/enrollertree

– The new Business Search is now working perfectly and results for searches are displayed correctly

– Business Search default starting location is based on your address in personal info. Please make sure that your address contains your city otherwise google may find a similar one in another city and assume you live there (example: “8595 Pelham Rd, Greenville, USA” and not just “8595 Pelham Rd”)

– Olympic Marketing System’s built-in autoresponder has been fixed and tested

– We also received feedback of a bug that did not allow you to change images or videos in OMS pages you had already created. This also has been corrected

There are many things yet to come. Here are a few things we are working on currently:
– My Online Coach is undergoing maintenance in order to fully integrate with OGI. This has caused problems with new members not being able to login. We are looking into this and expect this to be solved as our maintenance work comes to a close during the next few days

– We know many of you have learned to work through our mobile app and we are working to get it updated and live again as soon as possible

Translation of all backoffices (including OlympicBiz!) is ongoing. We want to thank those of you who have volunteered to help with this great task. As soon as the new languages go live you will automatically see them based on your choice of main language from your Personal Info page

– We are also working on launching a new website for prospects (members and businesses) to be able to check out a global map of OlympicBiz affiliated Businesses. More on this in the coming week

Our OlympicBiz platform will become even better! We want to make searching for products and services simpler and better for all Olympic Idea members and we will have great news for those of you taking advantage of the OlympicBiz platform to boost your income soon

Last, but not least, make sure you take full advantage of our Promotion worth $790 by renewing or upgrading to an annual subscription or getting access to all OGI main programs!

Stay tuned for more updates

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