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OurglobalIdea – 790$ Promo clarification for OlympicBiz and Olympic AppBuilder

Since the start of this new promo we have received numerous questions regarding the qualification requirement for these bonuses

For the $790 bonus (including two 3year OlympicBiz vouchers and one Olympic AppBuilder annual voucher for Android) you can qualify in 3 different ways:
1. By registering or upgrading to annual subscription
2. By activating all OGI main programs (Olympic Idea, OMS, Coach and My Automated Webinar)
3. By renewing your annual subscription ONLY if you already have an annual subscription AND all main OGI programs active

You can request for the two 3year OlympicBiz vouchers to be cancelled and replaced with one Lifetime OlympicBiz voucher

All above vouchers MUST be used until the end of June 2016

Quarterly upgrades and registrations (NOT renewals) can request an OlympicBiz annual voucher at the end of the promotion

Members can only qualify for one bonus from the above. So, for example, if you register with an annual subscription and purchase the Combo Pro, you will NOT get the bonus twice

The Business Pro bonus of a lifetime subscription (instead of 2 annual renewals) can be awarded additionally to the above. So, for example, a member that registers with an annual subscription and purchases the My Business Pro voucher will have both Bonuses

We hope this clarifies any questions and helps you to take even greater advantage of this promo to grow your team.

If you want to register in Olympic Idea now click here to find more information.

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