A Great New Fiscal Year and a Great New Product for OurGlobalIdea

It’s now September and we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a good fiscal year for 2016-2017 . OurGlobalIdea has just sent out some very good news, with the announcement of their own Webinar Platform that will be added to the collection of Software as a Service solutions.

We quote the corporate email that we have received today:

Great and amazing things have happened since last September and most of them are because of you.


Starting this September, in order to keep in touch with all of you and to share the many changes and improvements we are constantly working on, we will be sending out a newsletter with Company News twice a month, that will include all new updates in our various programs

Also, we want to inform you of the switch to our new Online Meeting platform OGI Webinar that will also spark the OGI Webinar pre-launch!

The new website www.ogiwebinar.com will be ready soon

Effective today:

  • All members who purchased or renewed their AnyMeeting WR account during 2016 will have access to the new OGI Webinar platform
  • A new voucher is available to Diamonds and above, in order to access this new platform
  • All new vouchers for OGI Webinar purchased by members will award over 80% commissions to their teams just like all other OGI program upgrades do
  • All members who have an account in OGI Webinar will also have a complete and free Backoffice and Sales Funnel as with all OGI main programs

IMPORTANT: Please note that all current AnyMeeting accounts will remain active for about 1 more week. After this they will be closed
All members who have an active AnyMeeting account and purchase the new OGI Webinar voucher will have their remaining months added to their new OGI Webinar subscription (just send us a ticket after purchasing the new voucher and we will add it for you)

As noted, OGI Webinar is in pre-launch and many of it’s features are still being developed. As always, we depend on you to provide feedback through support tickets and help us evolve this new platform into the Greatest Webinar Room platform online today

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