Amazing update from OurGlobalIdea Headquarters – OGIWebinar is out!

Another Corporate update from the company announces amazing news:

  1. OGI now offers Info Products!
    These can be found under Services and can be purchased by members for personal use, or purchased with a giveaway license in order to be used as a lead magnet. This means that you can purchase a giveaway license of an info product and then use it as a gift over and over again, to generate more leads in your online marketing campaigns

  2. The member’s backoffice now includes 2 new Genealogy pages
    These pages are designed to better help affiliates collect information regarding their teams
    Both pages provide vital information if you wish to know more about your team’s status and growth

  3. Team Vouchers
    This page allows members to see the purchase of specific vouchers in their enroller tree. Simply select the voucher from the dropdown, select a specific month of issue (if you wish), and then click on Go

  4. Team Upgrades
    This pages can work in 2 different ways:
    You can select to see the Subscription changes of your team during a specific month (such as registrations, renews or upgrades) or to see their last subscription change (by selecting “Any” in the month dropdown)
    You can select to see the Upgrades of your team. Based on the month you choose, you will be able to see the number of new team members that registered with a specific main program(s), or who activated a specific secondary program(s) or who activated a specific number of secondary programs
  5. OlympicBiz checklist
    We have added a checklist so that businesses in OlympicBiz and their sponsors can easily see what is needed to get themselves displayed in our member business search
    The checklist appears in the middle of the OlympicBiz dashboard after the business logs in, but also in the Business List page under Genealogy in the member backoffice

  6. Sleeping Pre-enrollees
    Your backoffice Contact Manager now enables you to create Sleeping Pre-enrollees.
    A Sleeping pre-enrollee is just like any pre-enrollee but with one major difference. They do not receive any emails from OGI. They will only begin receiving our pre-enrollee emails after they have logged in themselves as pre-enrollees for the first time
    Sleeping pre-enrollees are useful to you because you can easily invite someone you have already created as a sleeping pre-enrollee to simply login and check out their powerline.
    And you will get an email from us when they do, just like when you have a new pre-enrollee sign-up on one of your Lead Capture Pages, so you will now if they loged in or not
    All existing pre-enrollees who have been inactive for 6 months, or who used to be members themselves are automatically changed to Sleeping pre-enrollees so that you know as soon as they show interest by logging in again
  7. Registration form upgrade
    We have included a button new members can use while registering to check on the availability of their username. If the username is available, the field will have a green glow. If not, you will get a pop-up message in order to choose another one. The registration page will also perform a fast check on the basic requirements of the new member’s password
  8. Several App Upgrades
    The sign up process is simplified, vouchers are now easier to find, copy and use, the Business Search now works better (more like our site) and the “take me there” option will automatically connect to your GPS navigator in order to get you directly to the business’s front door!
  9. Duplication becomes easier than ever before through OMS and MAW
    We are continuously working on improving and adding new features to Olympic Marketing System. OMS now gives you the option to copy any page using a unique code. This includes all autoresponder messages connected to the page, as well as the form the page is using. First the member you want to copy the page from will need to allow copying and provide you with the Page Code. Then you can go to My Pages and click on “Copy Page with Page Code”, enter the Page Code and select the name of your new page. Don’t forget to click on Form and Autoresponder Messages if you want to copy them also.
    My Automated Webinar has a similar feature as well. When creating a new webinar, under the Webinar Title on the first page, you can click on the blue text and enter a webinar event unique code to copy it. This will include all pages and autoresponder messages of the original webinar event.
  10. We now have our own Webinar platform
    Right at the beginning of this month we pre-launched OGI Webinar. This Webinar platform is designed to offer better quality, speed, stability and customization, as well as easier access and more amazing features. Here are a few of the benefits of using OGI Webinar (some currently in development):
    1. Great quality of sound and video
    2. No dedicated app needed for mobile devises means easier access for your attendees
    3. A very low price tag. A platinum OGI member can get lifetime access with $150 and get a Webinar Room of up to 100 attendees! Our competition does not even come close to this
    4. Comprehensive and detailed Reports on all your meetings
    5. Schedule your Meetings to start even when you are not online yet!
    6. Customize your Meeting Room by choosing the starting Layout, it’s skin color and the Welcome message they can read in Chat
    7. The meeting room itself has amazing features which include: on screen drawing tools, layout management, microphone and webcam support, upload new presentations during the meeting and manage the features available to all attendees or selected individual viewers
    8. Perfectly compatible with Android and iOS devices
    We are still working on improving every one of our products and will have more news for you soon.
    Keep those suggestions and feedback coming so you can also be a part of creating the Greatest online services the internet has ever seen!

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