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OGI Corporate Update on 10/6/2016 (MAW, BIZ, OMS, OGIW, Mobile App)

A whole load of new updates coming from the HQ of OurGlobalIdea (OGI). Here’s the email we got a few days ago. There are important updates on MyAutomatedWebinar which is out of Beta Version right now. An amazing tool that will boost our sales.

Let’s look at a few more updates, additions and changes that have improved our programs during the past few weeks

Our new video explaining the benefits of acting fast and providing an explanation to the Cut Off day has been added to all info and info2 pages. This should make the pre-enrollee backoffice work better towards the goal of changing every pre-enrollee into a member

The multipage website feature is now available to OlympicBiz accounts. You can purchase a $40 – OlympicBiz Upgrade Multipage Site that can be used to upgrade the website of any business you have registered into a multipage website. There is no restriction in the number of pages and you need only activate this voucher once. You can manage the pages you create from a Page Organizer accessible through the Website Editor. From here you can hide/show the pages you want in the website top menu, and you can also drag&drop each page to set the order you want, or create as many subcategories as you like

All OlympicBiz accounts now have their unique QR code in their backoffice. They also have two choices of designs for stickers that include their QR code for easy printing. Scanning the QR code from any QR scanner will redirect to their OlympicBiz website. But any Olympic Idea member who scans the same QR code from the built-in QR scanner of our App (will be available very soon), will redirect to the businesses showcase and see all their available discounts, deals and freebies

All OlympicBiz websites (as well as your OMS pages) now include the option to easily add a Meta Image. Meta Images are used by social media and other sites to identify the default image corresponding to your page. In OympicBiz, this can be found in the “Advanced” section of the website editor (of the home page) and in OMS you can find this option in the Page Options pop-up (both inside the Page editor and in My Pages)

We have also worked on many features and improvements in Olympic Marketing System.
You can now get a lot more statistics on both Autoresponder and Broadcast messages. And development is still ongoing to provide you with even more information and segmentation options regarding your contact’s interaction with the messages you send them

The Broadcast feature now enables you to schedule a broadcast message for sending on a specific date and time. Just make sure you have already set your timezone in your Personal Info under My Account

OMS can now import your contacts from My Automated Webinar and your OGI Contact Manager. Just go to your contact manager and use the options there to filter your contacts. Then click on “Export to OMS”, choose or create the Contact List in OMS you want to export your contacts to and click “Export”, it’s that easy. You can even preview the contacts you are about to send and choose to exclude some

On the subject of OMS and MAW integration, My Automated Webinar now has the ability to custom build a Registration code that you can then use in any LCP in your OMS account. Simply create a new Form with type “My Automated Webinar” in OMS and copy paste your custom HTML registration code. Now you can use any page in OMS to register attendees directly to your Automated Webinar events!

And that’s not all! You can also automatically add registrants after a webinar to your OMS Contact List! Simply go to your Post-event autoresponder in the Webinar Event you want from your AW backoffice, and select what type of registrant you want to automatically export to whichever Contact List you choose in from OMS account

My Automated Webinar also has 2 more Webinar Room templates to choose from. Also you now have 2 options regarding the logic behind you Webinar event scheduling times:
1. Choosing “Adjust to Visitor Time” makes it easy to set your webinar event at 9pm on Fridays and have every visitor see your webinar start at 9pm in their local time.
2. Choosing “Fixed to My TimeZone” makes your webinar event appear as if it has a real starting time based on your timezone (set from your Account Settings). Visitors will still see the event starting time based on their local time, but no matter where they are, the event will start based on your local time

Last, but not least, an amazing feature that allows you to be there, with your attendees, whenever they ask a question! You can now enable Live Chat in your automated webinar events. If you choose not to limit your chat report to one email at the end of the webinar, and you select “Real Attendee message notifications” instead (from your Webinar Room editor), you will get an email every time real attendees in your webinars type something in chat. This email will also include a link you can use to enter the webinar chat as the “presenter” and chat with them live!

With all the above ready, My Automated Webinar is out of Beta. We encourage you to continue using and promoting it and we will be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions as we continue to develop more features and options within it

OGI Webinar also has a new page for checking on future upcoming events. You can find this page by going to My Schedule (from the top menu). From here you can easily cancel an upcoming meeting without needing to schedule it all over again for the next time

OGI Webinar also has a complete backoffice and Sales Funnel (just like all other main OGI programs). Now you can register members directly into OGI Webinar and add them to your team as part of your growing OGI shared matrix!

And here is some news regarding a solution to a problem many of you face and for which we have received numerous support tickets on. Many of you do not have a domain of your own and often use free email accounts (like yahoo and gmail) as your sender email in Internet Marketing campaigns. This creates a very large problem in the deliverability of your messages. Because purchasing a domain and setting up the correct configuration to use your own email often needs technical skills and sometimes may cost you more then a few bucks, we have decided to offer you a pre-configured email address that can be used as sender emails to solve this problem, and will forward all incoming emails to your email account.

To activate this lifetime service you will need to issue a $10 Email Account voucher, then send us a ticket including the voucher code, the username that will be part of the email address, your choice of domain from the ready domains we will offer you, and the email account that you want your incoming messages forwarded to.

Initially we will only have a few domains for you to choose from, but more domains will be added soon. There is also no restriction to the number of email accounts you can have. Simply issue another voucher for each email you want to create.

We are still working and upgrading new and existing features everyday, so stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon…

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