Team Ranks in OGI

Corporate Update: News about Team Ranks, now it’s easier to rank up!

New announcements came from the OGI headquarters a few days ago and this time we have news about the ranks

Starting this month we introduce a new way to achieve higher Team Ranks!

All members can now reach a new Team Rank if their team issues a specific number of Pro vouchers within a specific month.

These vouchers can be Combo Pro vouchers, but also My Business Pro vouchers. Each enroller tree leg of the member can only count for 1/3 of the requirement

These are the requirements for each Team Rank:

  • Sapphire 100 Team Rank: 10 Pro vouchers (max of 3 in each enroller tree leg)
  • Emerald 300 Team Rank: 30 Pro vouchers (max of 10 in each enroller tree leg)
  • Diamond 1000 Team Rank: 100 Pro vouchers (max of 33 in each enroller tree leg)
  • Double Diamond 3000 Team Rank: 300 Pro vouchers (max of 100 in each enroller tree leg)

Team Ranks will be calculated and locked in at the end of each month, right before Payout calculation (as normal Team Ranks)

Please note that starting in 2017, Personal Ranks will no longer be awarded based on time from registration

Let’s make this our most Amazing month yet!

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