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English Presentation of OGI Marketing tools: OlympicMarketingSystem, MyAutomatedWebinar and OGIWebinar

(OGI) Ourglobalidea has launched 3 awesome Internet Marketing Tools that are essential for every serious network marketer. Τhese tools will allow you to maximize the number of propsects you can attract to any network marketing busines.

In this 27 minute video we are going to do a quick overview  on all three and we will present you the main features and functionality so that you know if a tool is right for your markenting aresnal or not.

  1. OlympicMarketingSystem: Offers Lead Capture Pages tool, autoresponders and Sales funnel creation. You can think it as having Getresponse and Leadpages main functionality
  2. OGIWebinar: Offers a full featured webinar room for your presentations
  3. MyAutomatedWebinar: Offers a fully automated solution for hosting non-live webinars that are recurring

These are the services offered by OurGlobalIdea:

Any of these tools can easily sell for more than 50$/month or a yearly fee of about 500$ each. This means that if you want to have it all you can easily spend about 1500$/year for similar services.
The nominal price of every one of these tools is 28$/month from OGI, but if you buy them alltogether the cost almost is beeing reduced to half!
I won’t go into the details as i am explaining everything in the video above, but let me tell you the best part… you can resell all these tools! They can be your services and you can make huge commissions by introducing them to your team or colleagues.
If you introduce them to 3 people from your team, then you get all your money back! Isn’t this great ?
And if you introduce them to more people, you can easily earn lots of commisions according to OGI’s Compensation Plan.
If you want to buy now these tools here you can find the links:

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