The 3 announcements that will boost the expansion of our network

As mentioned during our recent From Zero To Hero event from the CEO, Tom Thurber, some amazing new Promotions will be available

Let’s break them down and get into specifics

1st Announcement: Diamond Club qualification
We are going to briefly re-open your chance to qualify for the Diamond Club!
To earn your place in the Diamond Club and join our leaders in the exclusive Diamond Club Vacation you will need to:
1. Become Diamond and achieve a Team Rank of 300 by the end of this November
2. Maintain Personal Rank and Team rank until the Diamond Club Vacation
3. You must have an average team size of 360 members from the end of November until then

2nd Announcement: Annual Subscription Starting Bonus
We are going to test a new strategy to help you increase the number of annual subscriptions
Starting from November 14th and until the end of March 2017, every member that registers or upgrades to an annual subscription within their first 30 days, will be awarded a bonus worth $310!
This will consist of an annual OlympicBiz registration voucher worth $160
and an annual AppBuilder Android voucher worth $150
So a new monthly member will be able to upgrade to an annual subscription for $308 and be awarded a bonus worth $310!
Both these vouchers can be used personally or offered to clients (just like the vouchers issued by the members themselves)
NOTE: Olympic AppBuilder vouchers must be used within 15 days from being awarded

3rd Announcement: 1% Bonus 2017
We are going to share the 1% of our combined OGI global revenue for the year 2017 with a select few of our leaders!
At the end of 2017 we will add up all the revenue generated by all our programs (Olympic Idea, Olympic Biz, OMS, My Automated Webinar, My Online Coach, OGI Webinar and Olympic AppBuilder) as well as all new programs that will be available in 2017 (like Vallid Polls, Live Chat and My Appointments) and divided equally among all who qualify for this Bonus!

Qualification Requirements:
1. Members who have recently achieved Sapphire personal Rank (less than 3 months) or who achieve Sapphire at the end of this month (November 2016) and who maintain their rank and a minimum number of personal referrals equal to what they had at the end of October until November 12th, up to the end of 2017, will qualify for the 1% Bonus!
2. Members who have been Sapphire or above for more than 3 consecutive months (but less than a year) will need to grow their number of personal referrals by 10% from what it was at the end of October until November 12th, by the end of this month, and not fall below it until the end of 2017
3. Members who have been Sapphire or above for more than 12 months will need to grow their number of personal referrals by 20% from what it was at the end of October until November 12th by the end of this month, and not fall below it until the end of 2017

Make sure to take full advantage of these Promotions so you can enjoy their results, both personally and for your team

Let’s look at a few more updates, additions and changes that have improved our programs during the past few weeks

In Olympic Marketing System we have changed how the visitor counter works for all pages. We no longer count hits in general per page, but unique visitors per page. This should make your statistics far more accurate and help you see how each page is actually performing.
If you want to make the most of this, we suggest resetting the stats of your page (this will not affect your contacts)
Note that this change has not affected the Hits counter of your rotator.

Also, the Video_Background template now enables you to add a youtube or vimeo URL as a background. This can be used in all new pages built using this template.
Keep in mind that the video is set to repeat and it cannot be stopped by the visitor of the page.
Try it out now:

Finally, all registration times in your OMS contact manager are now displayed in your local time (based on the timezone you have selected in your Personal Info page). Soon this will also apply to open and clicked times in your message statistics.
Select your TimeZone from here:

My Automated Webinar has a new Login Page that you can send to your registrants or to new contacts. This new page can be used in 2 different ways:
1. You can send it to contacts that are already registered for a webinar instead of their personal webinar link. When they log in using their personal link, they will be redirected to the webinar event they registered for.
2. You can send it out to new contacts that will automatically be registered when they log in and will be registered for your next webinar event!

Also, by selecting Chat Notifications you will now receive only 1 email for every running webinar every 5 minutes. This should help minimize the emails you receive during a webinar event but still enable you to connect whenever you want to and start chatting with your real attendees in real time.

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon…

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