OlympicBiz Contact Form, OlympicMarketingSystem improovements and OGIWebinar updates

Let’s look at a few more updates, additions and changes that have improved our programs during the past few weeks

OlympicBiz websites now have a new Contact Form block that enables any web-page to include a Contact Form. The fields are fully customizable so you can add any information you require from your visitors. Upon successful submission an email will be sent from us to the email address provided.
To use this new Block, switch to the Website Wizard and simply click on “Add Block” in order to add it to your page.

We have many changes and addition in Olympic Marketing System. Let’s review them.

By clicking on the edit pop-up in any recent contact in your Contact Manager you will be able to see the source of the contact. If this contact registered directly to your page, then you will be able to see their IP, country, Operating System and Browser.

Now all times (in contact manager and statistics) are displayed in your local time (based on the timezone you have selected in Personal Info).
You can select your TimeZone from here: http://olympicmarketingsystem.com/Customers/profile

Also, the Clickthrough rate has been changed to show the percentage or clicked emails based on the total of opened emails (and not the total of sent emails).

The autoresponders page has been optimized to load faster by default. You will now need to use a filter to see your messages but the filter also includes an “All Messages” option.

WARNING: Within the next few days, all email messages that use the old email accounts as sender accounts will be no longer be sent. So make sure all your active autoresponder or broadcast messages have one of the new email accounts!

Regarding OMS there is one more new addition you will find very interesting. You can not find a new page in your backoffice that enables you to build a registration form that can be used in external websites. This will generate a HTML code that you can add to any site (including OlympicBiz) and allow visitors to register directly into a Contact List of your OMS account from your website!
You can find this new feature from the top menu under My Pages > Reg Forms
This means that OlympicBiz websites can now be used to collect emails from your contacts directly into Olympic Marketing System

OGI Webinar now has recording enabled. Simply click on the round button at the top left of the meeting room during a meeting and the recording will start. Shortly after the meeting you will be able to see an online playback of it through your backoffice and within the next 2-3 hours you will be able to download it in mp4 format.
Playback and mp4 recordings are available up to 72 hours after the meeting. They will not be available after that.

You can also see detailed reports on your past meetings. Here you will find a log with all attendees including the time they logged in, the time they left and the minutes they attended.
We are still ironing out some issues with the Attendance graph where you will be able to see what point of the meeting had the highest number of attendees.

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon…

If you want to start with OurGlobalIdea and be a representative for your country, the time is now! You can pre-enroll here: http://start.olympicidea.com/info2/

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