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OlympicMarketingSystem & MyAutomatedWebinar Updates

Let’s look at a few more updates, additions and changes that have improved our programs during the past few weeks

We have updated the statistics pages for Broadcast and Autoresponder messages in Olympic Marketing System.

These pages now include the new Flag column and also an edit button. This way you can easily see all the information of each contact if needed and edit them adding comments or anything else you need. Or you can just assign a flag to each contact and check on them later from your contact manager.

The statistics page for Broadcasts has also been optimized and will now open much faster. Please notice the loading bar at the top of the page as your information is loaded onto the page.

We have also added a new tool so you can easily create and download a QR code for any website! (not just OGI related websites) For this reason we have also re-organized the OMS backoffice top menu to include My Tools. You will find your Rotator and the new QR code generator under here.

In My Automated Webinar you can now select to also display the auto-chat messages in your Replay page. You can enable or disable this option from the Webinar Replay Page editor page in your backoffice.
Keep in mind that this Chat Window will only show the auto-chat messages of the actual webinar and your visitors will not be able to use the chat to send any new messages.

One more important part of our news is that we are changing the Sales Funnel URL of all OGI core programs.

This means that instead of the old URLs like:
You will always include the OGI domain. Like:

We will continue support for all older Sales Funnel URLs for as long as possible. However, we urge you to change your links to the new URL as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

You will be able to see the new URLs in your backoffice under your Website Addresses and the Funnel Creation Wizard within the next 48 hours
(NOTE: this will not affect OlympicBiz)

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon…

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