Our Global Idea Backoffice - Olympic Idea Backoffice

Ourglobalidea Backoffice guides (Olympic Idea backoffice)

Most network marketing companies offer a backoffice with basic functionality and options. Our team has worked in the MLM industry for years and we knew more or less what to expect. But OurGlobalIdea has evolved the backoffice functionality in ways that we, as network marketers, have more control over our downline.

You can find options to check every level of your matrix, to check the progress of your team in many ways so you know where to focus. OurGlobalIdea backoffice offers a unique structure and when you purchase a new service, you get a similar backoffice that you already know and understand. The All-in-One Business model of OurglobalIdea (OGI) allows you to create many streams of commissions without the hassle of chaning your network marketing company.

Below you can have a sneak preview of the tutorials inside the backoffice of OlympicIdea, which is one of the primary programes of OurGlobalieda.

1. Getting Started


2. Guide to our Backoffice


3. Sponsoring new Members


4. Genealogy Guide

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