Olympicidea.net Prelaunch

New announcement for Leaders: OlympicIdea.net Prelaunch

OurGlobalidea has recently opened the option for all Sapphire and above members who have access to Olympicidea.net to use their Sales Funnel. During the pre-launch phase, your Olympicidea.net Sales Funnel has the option of 5 different Lead Capture Pages and one special pre-enrollee backoffice.

You can see these if you login to your Olympicidea.net backoffice and go to “My Pages”

As you will notice in this special pre-enrollee backoffice, the only option available is to register members to both Olympicidea.net and Olympicidea.com
This can be done through credit card or using a new Dual membership voucher worth $178.

Both options will create a monthly registration for the new member and activate Olympicidea.net and Olympicidea.com

Keep in mind that although this registration option includes a monthly membership ($28) + an upgrade voucher ($150), there will be no instant commissions during the pre-launch phase.

After the pre-launch phase has ended, Olympicidea.net will be like all other OGI Core programs. This will mean that new members will be able to register with a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription directly to Olympicidea.net and all existing members will be able to upgrade their account to include it using a $150 voucher.

After the pre-launch phase, Olympicidea.net upgrades as well as Dual membership registrations will give instant commissions to qualifying uplines, same as all other OGI Core programs.

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