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Pre-recorded Corporate call number and MyAutomatedWebinar news

Let’s start by reminding you of today’s Webinars. In case you missed our last communication, our CEO Mr Tom Thurber is presenting 2 webinars today.

The first is for Olympicidea.net, at 12PM (EDT) and if you have not registered for it, you can do so here:

And the second is for My Automated Webinar, at 1PM (EDT) and this is the registration page:
NOTE: Webinar times in the above registration pages are displayed in your local time

As we previously mentioned both webinar events will be available for duplication. The codes themselves will be provided through your Line of Sponsorship.

IMPORTANT: Copying any of these webinar events also means you agree not to change anything regarding the event except the Scheduling and the Links of the Webinar (the redirect and button links). You may also export (automatically or manually) all your contacts to OMS so you can email them what you want from there.

We hope to see you in today’s Webinars!

We also want to announce the creation of the official Olympic Idea Facebook group and invite you all to join!
Please keep in mind that anything you post must be related to OGI and our products/services and always in English.
We encourage you to invite anyone to join this public group, from other members to prospects or friends that may be interested to follow our news and post anything related to OGI in this group (only in English).

On other news, we have a new prerecorded phone call!
You can invite prospects to call this number and hear a quick overview of Olympic Idea straight from our CEO.
The number is: +1 864 2146951

Also, Olympic Marketing System has new Statistics pages for both Autoresponder and Broadcast messages. These pages have been designed to give you better information on the engagement of your contacts and provide you with additional options based on their current engagement.

When viewing the statistics of a specific message, you will be able to send a broadcast to recipients of your message based on whether they opened your message or not, or whether they clicked on links in your message of not.

Lastly, we want to remind you that bonuses from promotions that have been unused for more that 12 months will no longer be valid. So please make sure to use any bonuses you have received in the past before they expire.

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon…

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