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Corporate News: Webinar for MyAutomatedWebinar and OlympicMarketingSystem

We would like to start by inviting you all to 3 of our CEO’s Webinars this Saturday

The 1st is for Olympic Marketing System at 11AM (EDT) and you can register here:

The 2nd is for My Automated Webinar and you can register here:

And the 3rd is for Olympic Idea .COM at 1PM (EDT) and you can register here:

Be sure to register for all 3 Webinars.

As we mentioned the last time, all webinar events will be available for duplication. The codes themselves will be provided through your Line of Sponsorship.

IMPORTANT: Copying any of these webinar events also means you agree not to change anything regarding the event except the Scheduling and the Links of the Webinar (the redirect and button links). You may also export (automatically or manually) all your contacts to OMS so you can email them what you want from there.

We hope to see you all there on Saturday!

We also want to remind you of our new official Olympic Idea Facebook group and invite you all to join and invite your team members, friends and prospects!

Please keep in mind that anything you post must be related to OGI and our products/services and always in English.
We encourage you to invite anyone to join this public group, from other members to prospects or friends that may be interested to follow our news and post anything related to OGI in this group (only in English).

As already mentioned in our official Facebook page, our latest program, has a new set of autoresponder emails that greet your new Olympic Idea NET pre-enrollees!

For more details, check our Official Facebook page:

On other news, Olympic Marketing System now has updated design options for your OMS page subscription forms.
We have added the ability to hide the entire Header or Privacy Policy sections, as well as added a transparency slider to the Header and Form background color.

We now have a tutorial/FAQ page for OMS. This is already available in your member Backoffice (in the OMS backoffice under training and there is also a link to it under Service > OMS)

It will soon be available in olympicmarketingsystem.com also.

My Automated Webinar now accepts custom tracking code in Countdown, Webinar, Replay and Thank You pages. You will find a button at the end of the editor for “Tracking Code”. This will open a pop-up enabling you to past the HTML tracking code directly into the page header.

During the next few days there will also be a new voucher available. The new My Business I voucher will include:

  • Olympic Marketing System (OMS) (worth $150)
  • My AppBuilder (worth $150)
  • OlympicBiz Live Chat (worth $150)

And the cost of the voucher will only be $300!

So you will be able to activate OMS, create a Mobile App and add Live Chat to your OlympicBiz website at a fraction of the cost!

This new voucher will give over 80% in instant commissions to the sponsor and Team Ranking uplines that have OMS, Olympic AppBuilder and Live Chat active ($50 each)!

The launch of this voucher will also mark the launch of Live Chat for OlympicBiz. So all members who have Live Chat active for their account will now be able to issue Live Chat vouchers for their OlympicBiz Businesses with up to 80% commission!

The old My Business Pro voucher has already been discontinued and we will be discontinuing all Combo Starter vouchers. So by next week, they will no longer be available.

Lastly, we want to inform you that starting on July 1st, ranks will no longer be awarded based on a member’s time from registration. This means that members can only obtain the Silver and Platinum Ranks, based on their active personal enrollments (6 for Silver, 10 for Platinum), OGI Core programs connected to their account (1 secondary for Silver, 3 secondary for Platinum) or their choice of Subscription (quarterly for Silver, annual for Platinum)

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon…

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