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Olympic Idea New Member Tutorial & Onboarding Process

Recently we ran a campaign in several African Countries in order to approach Network Marketing Leaders and let them now about our OlympicIdea.net program Pre-launch and we got several registrations and pre-enrollments. There was an amazing interest but we constantly got one common question : What is Olympic Idea and how i can get started with a country that has no merchants and no members?

So this gave me the opportunity to prepare a video that answers those questions and new members can get a feeling on how the backoffice of Olympic Idea looks like and how they can get started.

In the following video we will do the following actions using a recently enrolled member:

  1. Browse through the backoffice of OlympicIdea.com
  2. Browse through the backoffice of OlympicIdea.net
  3. Check the Business Guide and check the available merchants in a country that has merchants and in a country that has very few merchants
  4. Print your card
  5. Download the mobile app

Also we will answer the following questions:

  1. What can I do if in my local area or country there are no merchants?
  2. How can i stop paying the $28 monthly fee?
  3. How can i earn money quickly with Olympic Idea?

How can i make money with Olympic Idea?

In an nutshell there are two ways to get Paid from OlympicIdea.com program:

A. Introduce new Members (28$/year)

  • 1 personal member registration = earn 1$ in the end of the month (Matrix Bonus)
  • 2 personal members registration = earn 2$ in the end of the month (Matrix Bonus)
  • 3 personal members registration = earn 28$ in the end of the month (Appreciation + Matrix bonus)
  • 10 personal members registration can make you earn from $80 to about $200 per month (Appreciation + Matrix + Matching Bonus)
  • … it can go really high after 10+ personal registrations but i don’t want to create a hype here… you can find more inside our compensation plan

B. Introduce new Businesses

  • If you are Quarterly member you earn $80 for every business/merchant you enroll
  • If you are Annual member you earn $130 for every business/merchant you enroll

What are the benefits of businesses/merchants to join OlympicIdea ?

Merchants pay a fee of $160 per year to join our discount club and they must provide a serious discount to our members in order to join the club. Furhermore they also get the following through our OlympicBiz platform:

  • Website Creator
  • eshop Creator
  • Advertising to our members website & mobile app
  • Publish their deals and offers
  • The independent representative of OlympicIdea who registers a merchant can help them create their Website & eshop and also promote their business and discounts and use them as a means to register new members.

Steps you need to take to start earning instantly!

  1. Upgrade to annual member in order to take it seriously BEFORE you register businesses/merchants, because you get higher commission (the cost of annual subscription is 336$)
  2. Introduce 3 members within 15 days –> get a free Business/Merchant registration voucher that is worth 160$ to register your first business for free or be paid for it! If you have 3 members by the end of the first month, your earnings are additionally $28, so literally you don’t have to pay for your subscription for the next month.
  3. Introduce 5 businesses  earn 5 x 130$ = 650$

You want to join our team?

If you are eager to start in our team so that we can train you bring this opportunity in your local area, click here to join now: https://start.ourglobalidea.com/olympicidea/info2/

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