Have you seen Olympic Idea Card before? Olympic Idea Compensation Plan

The Olympic Idea Card!

I have made a quick video, called “Have you seen Olympic Idea Card before?” in order to explain to you the concept of Olympic Idea Private Discount Club and community.

It all starts from two very common needs that consumers and business owners have:

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  • Consumers need to be motivate in order to choose one shop from another. And this motives can be discounts, deals and advertisment
  • Business owners need to have modern tools to promote and advertise their businesses. So they can pay in order to make a website, eshop and on the other hand they can provide discounts and deals in order to bring more customers in their business

Olympic Idea is a company that acts as the middleman in this relationship between the customers and business owners. It gives the business owner modern tools (websites, eshop and advertisment) to promote his business and it gives to the customers motives to enlarge the member’s and business owners community.

The bigger the community is, the more shops get into the community. The more shops come into this community the more valuable it is for the customers.



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  • Terry Bledsoe

    Reply Reply April 13, 2014

    I would like to become involved with Olympic Idea. I just came across one of your You Tube videos and was intrigued. Please let me know what is the next step.

    Tyank you,

    Terry Bledsoe

    • mmingos

      Reply Reply April 15, 2014

      Hello Terry, could you please tell me which video of mine you watched? Where are you located?
      Please add me in skype: mike.mingos
      So we can have a proper conversation.

    • mmingos

      Reply Reply April 18, 2014

      Hello Terry, please preenroll here: http://start.olympicidea.com/lcp1/ and if you have solidtrustpay, then pay your annual subscription with solidtrust. If you don’t have, please contact me in skype: mike.mingos so i can give you alternatives.

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