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What do you get with Olympic Idea Platform for businesses: OlympicBiz

In this video you can see what Olympic Idea Platform offers to Small & Medium Enterprises. They get a website and eshop right away and this includes all domain/hosting/plugins for a whole year.

Olympicbiz Tutorial

1. Introduction to OlympicBiz


2. Guide to OlympicBiz Backoffice


3. How to reach Olympic Idea members


4. Creating a Slide


5. Creating a Discount AD


6. Creating a Deal


7. Creating a Freebie


8. Creating your website


9. Creating your e-shop

So you just pay Olympic Idea, you spend less than an hour customizing your website and your eshop and you are all done.

Now don’t forget that if you are a member of Olympic Idea in the Annual plan, then each time you register a new business owner, you get a commission of 130$. And the best thing is that next year this commission will come back again into your pockets if the business owner is satisfied with the service.

So this is a no brainer. Whether you want to work as an affiliate marketer and register business owners or if you want to setup a network of consumers in a multi-level marketing way, Olympic Idea offers both options.

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