Olympicidea.net & OlympicIdea.com Backoffice

Olympic Idea New Member Tutorial & Onboarding Process

Recently we ran a campaign in several African Countries in order to approach Network Marketing Leaders and let them now about our OlympicIdea.net program Pre-launch and we got several registrations and pre-enrollments. There was an amazing interest but we constantly got one common question : What is Olympic Idea and how i can get started…

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Website Builder OlympicBiz

What do you get with Olympic Idea Platform for businesses: OlympicBiz

In this video you can see what Olympic Idea Platform offers to Small & Medium Enterprises. They get a website and eshop right away and this includes all domain/hosting/plugins for a whole year. Olympicbiz Tutorial 1. Introduction to OlympicBiz   2. Guide to OlympicBiz Backoffice   3. How to reach Olympic Idea members   4.…

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Olympic Idea MLM is in Pre-launch: June 2015

Olympic Idea MLM started in Delaware USA and the fist market that fits this model and is beeing tested is Greece. We already know that there are people registered as annual members from Cyprus, Italy, Canada, Australia because they foresee that this multi-level marketing opportunity is very promising. Right now the system is available only…

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