Automate your Webinars and save time

You can record an online webinar and My Automated Webinar will create the impression that it is always live, requiring minimum maintenance from you. Plenty of customization options help you adapt each automated webinar to your business’s needs.

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Set it and forget it!

With myAutomatedWebinar you will only have a webinar once and then you will replay it in auto-pilot, saving hours every week!

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Your Prospects will never understand it's a canned Webinar!

Webinars have far greater conversion rates than regular Lead Capture Pages. The Webinars themselves have much much better results! With webinars we have More registrations, more attendees, more conversions and all in all, radically better success rates in our Sales Funnel!

  • Easily Find Prospects

    Using Webinars is the easier way to find interested prospects for your product or service.

  • Share in Social Media

    Post the link to your proffessionally designed Webinar Registration Page and let them do their job… attract interested prospects while you sleep.

  • Automatic Sales

    Using a video in your Webinar Registration Page is like having an automatic salesman working for you 24 hrs/day!

Free yourself from doing Webinars!

Although the tool is pretty easy to use, we will be by your side if you need to learn how to use it to help you boost your sales. Purchase MyAutomatedWebinar today and start using it....