Olympic Idea Prestige Discount Club

Olympic Idea : Brief explanation of the concept

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Official Video Presentation of Olympic Idea

Imagine for a second your preffered stores to shop. What If I told you that you could buy the same products at that same store for less money, would you be interested ? Olympic Idea has created a revolutionary membership club that benefits both the merchants and the consumers equally through its innovative web platform and mobile app. This club is unique in the sense that the members get to decide all the club benefits and there are is no limitation to the number of participating stores or the extent of their benefits. Imagine a network of thousands of consumers contantly improving the benefits and at the same time help thousands of small to medium size businesses, now imagine if this membership was free !

The benefits of joining Olympic Idea?

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We have an amazing Mobile App available for Android and iPhones

We have developed a mobile app that helps our members easily track businesses that are registered with Olympic Idea and offer discounts. Furthermore we have enhanced this application to provide ease of access to the most common functions of their daily activities.



The Compensation Plan

How you can start Olympic Idea in your Country - Testimonial

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