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What do you get with Olympic Idea Platform for businesses: OlympicBiz

In this video you can see what Olympic Idea Platform offers to Small & Medium Enterprises. They get a website and eshop right away and this includes all domain/hosting/plugins for a whole year. Olympicbiz Tutorial 1. Introduction to OlympicBiz   2. Guide to OlympicBiz Backoffice   3. How to reach Olympic Idea members   4.…

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We are just starting in USA… Join Olympic Idea USA now!

Join Olympic Idea USA now to be one of the first leaders in the US under my team to receive free training and one-to-one help in your effort. We are committed in spreading the word all around the world. So if you want to join click here: and i will contact you on Skype…

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Olympic Idea English Presentation extended by Mike Mingos

Olympic Idea English Presentation and compensation plan analysis. I have tried to analyze the compensation plan and the overall operation of Olympic Idea multi level marketing company. [ Learn more from the official page of Olympic Idea, by clicking here… ] What i have found, is that this company offers some very important competitive advantages…

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Olympic Idea Spanish

Olympic Idea Spanish Menu & multilanguage support

Olympic Idea expands around the world and goes to Europe with a multilanguage interface. Olympic Idea Spanish Menu Website is now available in the following languages: English Italian Spanish Russian Greek Hindi … soon more languages will be implemented. Check out spanish translation in this link: Thanks to the integration team, things are going very fast in this…

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OlympicIdea Payoneer Mastercard

Olympic Idea uses Payoneer to pay its independent representatives

The news are grate. Olympic Idea uses Payoneer! Olympic Idea has started cooperation with Payoneer in order to send commissions and payments to their members. So when you earn money from Olympic Idea, they can be transfered directly to your Olympic Idea Payoneer prepaid credit card, and you can use it as a normal credit card.…

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Have you seen Olympic Idea Card before? Olympic Idea Compensation Plan

The Olympic Idea Card! I have made a quick video, called “Have you seen Olympic Idea Card before?” in order to explain to you the concept of Olympic Idea Private Discount Club and community. It all starts from two very common needs that consumers and business owners have: [checklist type=”eg. checked, dotted, arrowed”] Consumers need to…

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olympic idea backoffice

Olympic Idea Backoffice overview

I’ve been asked from the members of my International Olympic Idea Team, to make a video describing the backoffice of Olympic Idea. So if you want to find an independant representative of Olympic Idea and start building your Olympic Idea business, then you definately need to watch this video. In this presentation you will see:…

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Listing of Olympic Idea Business websites

Here you can find a Listing of Olympic Idea Business websites that have been built with Olympic Idea platform. These companies have paid the fee of 160$ in order to use our online platform (OlympicBiz E-tools) and create easily their Website and Eshop, but at the same time bring traffic in their websites by beeing…

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Olympic Idea MLM is in Pre-launch: June 2015

Olympic Idea MLM started in Delaware USA and the fist market that fits this model and is beeing tested is Greece. We already know that there are people registered as annual members from Cyprus, Italy, Canada, Australia because they foresee that this multi-level marketing opportunity is very promising. Right now the system is available only…

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