Webinar Olympicidea.net Tom Thurber

Pre-recorded Corporate call number and MyAutomatedWebinar news

Let’s start by reminding you of today’s Webinars. In case you missed our last communication, our CEO Mr Tom Thurber is presenting 2 webinars today. The first is for Olympicidea.net, at 12PM (EDT) and if you have not registered for it, you can do so here: https://www.global-webinar.com/ogi/Olympic-Idea-Net-Presentation/ And the second is for My Automated Webinar,…

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Team Ranks in OGI

Corporate Update: News about Team Ranks, now it’s easier to rank up!

New announcements came from the OGI headquarters a few days ago and this time we have news about the ranks Starting this month we introduce a new way to achieve higher Team Ranks! All members can now reach a new Team Rank if their team issues a specific number of Pro vouchers within a specific…

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Amazing update from OurGlobalIdea Headquarters – OGIWebinar is out!

Another Corporate update from the company announces amazing news: OGI now offers Info Products! These can be found under Services and can be purchased by members for personal use, or purchased with a giveaway license in order to be used as a lead magnet. This means that you can purchase a giveaway license of an…

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ogi promo ourglobalidea

OurglobalIdea – 790$ Promo clarification for OlympicBiz and Olympic AppBuilder

Since the start of this new promo we have received numerous questions regarding the qualification requirement for these bonuses For the $790 bonus (including two 3year OlympicBiz vouchers and one Olympic AppBuilder annual voucher for Android) you can qualify in 3 different ways: 1. By registering or upgrading to annual subscription 2. By activating all…

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Good news for Rank Calculation

A change will be implemented on April 30th Your Leadership Rank will be locked-in at the end of each month until the end of the subsequent month (Leadership Ranks are all Team Ranks, as well as Personal Ranks of Sapphire and above) This means that you will only be able to gain, or lose, a Leadership…

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Ourglobalidea launch – Network Marketing All In One Business Model

Greetings! We have launched to a Great Start! We want to begin by thanking all of you for your support, patience and feedback, which has been very valuable to us   So let’s see what is new and what is coming.. We have a new website: http://www.ourglobalidea.com/ Our hope is that it can help you…

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