Olympicidea.net & OlympicIdea.com Backoffice

Olympic Idea New Member Tutorial & Onboarding Process

Recently we ran a campaign in several African Countries in order to approach Network Marketing Leaders and let them now about our OlympicIdea.net program Pre-launch and we got several registrations and pre-enrollments. There was an amazing interest but we constantly got one common question : What is Olympic Idea and how i can get started…

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Olympic Idea Compensation Plan French Presentation

Olympic Idea Presentation in French

Olympic Idea French Presentation – Ourglobalidea. Olypic Idea est un club de réduction à l’échelle mondiale que les membres coformulent le produit. Les entreprises offrent des rabais aux membres de notre club et les représentants aident les propriétaires de petites entreprises à créer leur site et leur site. De grandes commissions allant jusqu’à 90% sont…

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Olympicidea.net Prelaunch

New announcement for Leaders: OlympicIdea.net Prelaunch

OurGlobalidea has recently opened the option for all Sapphire and above members who have access to Olympicidea.net to use their Sales Funnel. During the pre-launch phase, your Olympicidea.net Sales Funnel has the option of 5 different Lead Capture Pages and one special pre-enrollee backoffice. You can see these if you login to your Olympicidea.net backoffice and go…

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myautomatedwebinar live

OGI Corporate Update on 10/6/2016 (MAW, BIZ, OMS, OGIW, Mobile App)

A whole load of new updates coming from the HQ of OurGlobalIdea (OGI). Here’s the email we got a few days ago. There are important updates on MyAutomatedWebinar which is out of Beta Version right now. An amazing tool that will boost our sales. Let’s look at a few more updates, additions and changes that…

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A Great New Fiscal Year and a Great New Product for OurGlobalIdea

It’s now September and we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a good fiscal year for 2016-2017 . OurGlobalIdea has just sent out some very good news, with the announcement of their own Webinar Platform that will be added to the collection of Software as a Service solutions. We quote the corporate…

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olympic idea albania tirane

Olympic Idea Albania Presentation – Olympic Idea Shqipëri

Olympic Idea Albania Presentation – Olympic Idea Shqipëri

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Olympic Idea Italy - Olympic Idea Italian

Olympic Idea Italian Presentation – Olympic Idea Italia Presentazione

This is a presentation of Olympic Idea and Compensation plan in Italian language. Olympic Idea network marketers have now started to setup the Italian Market. Some Businesses are already joined. You can find some businesses in Italy that joined Olympic Idea here: Italian Olympic Idea Map

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Olympic Idea shopping

Olympic Idea Bulgrarian Presentation & Companesation plan

Olympic Idea starts in Bulgaria and has a huge potential for internet marketers and network marketers there, so if you live or have connections with the market in Bulgaria you will find this Olympic Idea Bulgarian Presentation & Olympic Idea Compensation plan in Bulgarian language very useful. If you want to start Olympic Idea in Bulgaria,…

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olympic idea mobile app

Olympic Idea Mobile app for android

We were waiting for that for a long time, Olympic Idea Mobile App was released today. I was amazed by the graphics and possibilities we have with this tool. It’s truly a tool that will boost our production. We can also use it for demonstration and attract more people.

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Olympic Idea in Filipino – Olympic Idea Philippines

Olympic Idea in Filipino Presentation took place recently. One of our team members has started spreading the word about the company in Philippines. In this section you will find the video presentation of Olympic Idea Philippines as it was recorded from the live event of leaders there.

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