Our Global Idea Backoffice - Olympic Idea Backoffice

Ourglobalidea Backoffice guides (Olympic Idea backoffice)

Most network marketing companies offer a backoffice with basic functionality and options. Our team has worked in the MLM industry for years and we knew more or less what to expect. But OurGlobalIdea has evolved the backoffice functionality in ways that we, as network marketers, have more control over our downline. You can find options…

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Ourglobalidea launch – Network Marketing All In One Business Model

Greetings! We have launched to a Great Start! We want to begin by thanking all of you for your support, patience and feedback, which has been very valuable to us   So let’s see what is new and what is coming.. We have a new website: http://www.ourglobalidea.com/ Our hope is that it can help you…

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Olympic Idea English Presentation extended by Mike Mingos

Olympic Idea English Presentation and compensation plan analysis. I have tried to analyze the compensation plan and the overall operation of Olympic Idea multi level marketing company. [ Learn more from the official page of Olympic Idea, by clicking here… ] What i have found, is that this company offers some very important competitive advantages…

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